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Audio Bug, wireless miniature Transmitter, This is a complete package. Mini Transmitter, bug. looks can be deceiving ! This professional system include a powerful transmitter (bug) and Receiver .


Micro UHF Room Transmitter

This is a complete package.   This professional system includes a powerful transmitter (bug)  and a matching Receiver.

You ask  what's actually included in this package ? 

TRANSMITTER - This powerful little device has up to 3 days battery life and can be concealed almost anywhere. It will pick up sounds from up to 40 feet away and transmit to our UHF receiver with amazing clarity up to a distance of 500 meters.  - Dimensions :  5.1 cm.  x  1.8 cm.  x  1.7 cm.   Takes 2 AAA batteries (will transmit between  2 - 4  days depends on the battery brand and freshness).
RECEIVER -  About the size of a cigarette pack,  this is a state of the art  UHF receiver. Recently upgraded, its sensitivity is incredible. It is capable of receiving the signal from our UHF transmitter for long range use with amazing clarity. A recorder can be connected to this receiver so the user can record all conversations as well as listen live thtough its speaker,  or can choose to plug Earphones (included).  Just turn it on and it is ready to do the job, this receiver is already tuned to the transmitter's freequency - no adjustments are necessary.  Takes 2 AAA batteries.

miniature audion transmitter, audio bug
This is a complete Transmitter & Receiver package, no need for adjustments,  just turn it on and it is ready to do the job ! .  
* Except Law Enforcement,   this item in not available to U.S 

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Micro UHF Room Transmitter
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