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Less than 2 Inch long, this monitor will let you listen in from anywhere in the world, audio surveillance, remote audio listeneing.


Telemonitor GSM

Want to hear what is going on in your home ?

Less than 2 Inch in size,  this monitor will let you listen inn from anywhere in the world  no matter how far you are !

The TeleMonitor GSM sensitive microphone will pick up sounds from up to 25 feet away. 

It works on rechargeable batteries (good for about 2 hour of listening) or you can plug it to electricity with the charger (included) so you can listen for weeks !

To monitor :

1) Place the Telemonitor in the room where you want to listen to.

2) The Telemonitor has a cellular SIM card (included ! ) like a regular cellular phone,  just dial the
      Telemonitor's phone number from any phone and it will open up the built
      in microphone,  allowing you to listen for sounds around the Telemonitor.

Size :   less than 2 Inch long.

This is a completely self-contained unit. 

* SIM card included !   (from  AT&T or T Mobil).

* When ordering from the cart choose Check o Money Oder only, no credit card accepted for this item.

Any questions ?    please contact our office.

Telemonitor GSM
Item : 3009 ----------------------------- Price : $ 650.00
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