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Temporarily Under Construction. CLICK HERE for Catalog Our Spy Store offers spy equipment, spy tools and spy gear such as night vision scopes, phone tap detector, cellular interceptor, body armor, armored cars with the top of the line video survellance equipment. We also offer a wide varity of protection equipment and much more!
Bug Detectors
Tap Detectors
Telephone Recorders
Spy Recorder
Super Hearing
Audio Equipment
Encryption Equipment
Cellular & Land Phones

Wireless Audio Bugs
Cellular Spy Phones
Telephone Audio Bugs
Counter Audio

Covert Video Cameras
Counter Video
Voice Changers
Lie Detectors
Cellular Interceptor
Cellular Blocker

Bomb Detectors
Remote Bomb Blocker
Vehicle Locator
GPS Tracking
Night Vision
Thermal Vision
Computer Snooper
Facial Recognition

Binoculars Monocular
Personal Security
Self Protection

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Professional Equipment for Government
& Law Enforcement Agencies


Body Armor & Protective Gear

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